Other Stuff I’ve written.

I started writing in other places. No one told me I couldn’t also put it here, so here’s those things.

Thinking of stuff.

This page is a collection of links to stuff I’ve written on other platforms.

For example, I wrote this for Autostraddle in October.

This one’s kind of funny.

I wrote this for Go Magazine in November when I found out there were only fifteen dyke bars left in America.


I’ve started writing on Medium. This is my most recent writing.

I have had some feelings about queer representation in popular media lately.

This is a holiday piece published in a queer magazine within Medium, called Prism and Pen:


This next one is an attempt at serious writing, with hardly any jokes. It’s deep, y’all:


This article was just me having fun, playing with my anxiety before the election:


This one’s just me, being mad at conservative Christianity before Christmas:https://tybobutch.medium.com/dear-aunt-mary-ba01e15b874a?sk=d8641a638788628c3a10b87fb4652009