Let’s Hear from a Butch

Check out my new article series: Trans Man in a Van! I am driving my sweet conversion van to small-town Prides in red states to make connections with organizers fighting the latest anti-LGBTQ legislative siege. It’s fun. It’s well-researched. It’s full of Queers you want to know more about. 

Chemically Enhanced Butch

The place to buy the paperback edition of Chemically Enhanced Butch is here! I encourage you to get your copy from me, with the PayPal button below. I will lovingly sign and ship your book to you. This button is only for US Domestic shipping. If you live outside the US, (first, I apologize on behalf of America) and would still like a book, please email me and we can negotiate shipping costs. The ebook is a cost-effective alternative and comes with pictures. Thank you for letting me share my story.

“Holy crap. Loved it. Fierce and funny… Rocking and revelatory… It’s the freakin’ memoir of the year” 

– Claude, the gay librarian

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An early video on how to open a dyke bar.

The ebook is still available through the links below. 

Here is the link to Amazon, which, I know, but what am I going to do? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B088B4LZZ4

Here is the link to everywhere else:


I also made a playlist to go with the book. It’s a disjointed soundtrack, but that plays well with my life and it’s free. I picked a song for every chapter. Some of them had a significance for me during the relevant time period. Some of them I mention in the corresponding chapter. Some of them don’t make any sense except in my head.

“Ty Yule has written a rare memoir, one rooted in personal experience, framed philosophically, and infused with an indomitable queer spirit. This is the kind of book you want to shove into your friends’ hands, the kind that will keep you up late turning pages. Not only is it an important reflection on gender, sexuality, survival, and meaning, but it’s funny as hell and unendingly entertaining.”
– S.E. Fleenor, essayist, author, host of “Bitches on Comics” and managing editor of Bella Media Channel (also my friend)


The Flaming Carnival of Deviance

“Everything about the night was perfect. The warm, orangey glow of Midwestern summer streetlights delineated the borders of the electric fairy world manifested in a once weedy, semi-industrial parking lot. Everyone we loved came and nobody else did. Together, we laughed that laugh of moral certitude, pirate magnetism, and defiance that everyone there shared. It went on all night. The Republicans were over in St. Paul, preaching their restrictions on the world. We were in a completely different universe, celebrating everything they would never have.”

Ty Bo Yule – Chemically Enhanced Butch